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Friday, March 14, 2008

Strange dreams

This is my first post on this new blog. It's going to be dedicated to chronicling my thoughts and ideas concerning my journey with Asatru.

This first post is about a dream I had earlier today. I've never been to any meetings of other Heathens, so I don't know how accurate it is (I doubt it is at all!).

First, we were meeting in some conference room, with chairs in rows and along the walls, with a table on one side of the room. I don't recall any decorations on the table, not anything like on an altar. I chatted with some of the folks, it was a casual social meeting, nothing formal or ceremonial. I don't remember anything that was spoken between myself and the others. (This is one of the big problems of recalling my dreams; some parts are strong, clear recollections, other parts are very vague impressions.) It was nearing the end of the meeting, we sat down, and the leader asked us to look under our chairs. The chairs themselves had a bookshelf about three inches below the seat, and it was easy to not notice this. I checked under my chair and pulled out a large teabag-sachet of something. I checked under the two adjacent chairs, which were both vacant, and they had different sachets. Each of these sachets had a note attached, with some inspirational, generic phrase, kind of like a horoscope or fortune cookie that reads "you are wise and lucky and will have a good week." Huh? Not very specific. About this time was when I woke up, and was very confused by this dream. What does it mean? Does it mean anything? Do I need to get out more? (Probably.)

I've been more than a little frustrated trying to find other Heathens/Asatruars around here. Regular Pagans a rare enough, the ones dedicated to the ancient Norse and Germanic folk religions are even more scarce! I've made contact with some via the Internet, but nothing has come of this yet, because they usually live too far away for any regular meetings. So far I'm content with reading the forums and email lists and other's blogs, altho that isn't as fulfilling as face-to-face contact.



Blogger Nyx said...

I'm guessing you've tried the listings on witchvox for finding people, but I'd think it's more general Neo-Pagan oriented and maybe not somewhere more of the "older and wiser" Heathens would list themselves. (Tends to lead to things like every 17-year-old white kid who just learned Ragnarok ain't just a video game wanting to email you.)

If you can find a phone number for Laurie and Justin again (from Ancient Hollow/ Mystic Crescent... and that might be listed as a business on witchvox), they'd at least be likely to be in touch with enough different groups in the area to point you toward some responsible people.

April 10, 2008 at 11:06 AM  

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