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Friday, March 14, 2008


I decided to start this blog separately from my regular one, mainly because I don't feel comfortable putting the content from this one over there, and the content would be lost in the overall background noise there.

I chose the name Taoist Viking because that encapsulates both aspects of how I view the world. On the one hand, a Taoist views the Natural World and draws the Rules of how the Universe operates from that. On the other, a Viking is a Norseman who traveled the oceans (and discovered North America 500 years before Columbus, and they named it Vinland (spellings vary)) and worshiped the old Norse/Germanic gods, like Odin, Thor, Freya, etc. Ok, both of those are over-simplifications, but they work for this explanation. This is just supposed to be a starting point, expansion can come later.


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