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Friday, April 4, 2008

Loki did NOT make me do it!

This is something that I've realized. As a decent person, not to mention Heathen, I am responsible for my actions and thoughts and the consequences thereof. There's no "the Devil made me do it" as an escape clause. While the shirts saying "Loki made me do it" are funny at first glance, because of the Xian symmetry, they're false. Loki may have whispered the seed of an mischievous idea, but you or I are the ones responsible for anything that happens afterwards. Be proud of your actions, take responsibility, even if you did wrong to someone; you can make the effort to atone to them for that.


Blogger Nyx said...

I have to agree with this... and I want that T shirt! As a chaote, I have great fondness, and a healthy dose of respect, for Loki, Coyote, Hermes, Q. (Hey! Chaotes find our Trickster dieties pretty much anywhere we want to.) I know Loki's not cute, fluffy, and friendly, but I'm not inclined to see him as "the bad guy". However, as with most Tricksters, Loki often teaches lessons the really hard way. You'd probably be better off if you just never needed to learn his lessons at all. And Loki doesn't posess people and force them to do things against their Will, though perhaps we shouldn't give him ideas. When Loki whispers in your ear, you still have the chance to think it through and, if you can learn your lesson just from looking at a likely outcome, avoid doing what he said and learning it the hard way. Even Loki is a tool for learning and growing... not an impossible stumbling block.

By the way... ümlauts. Wikipedia has a page on them, including shortcuts for making them the way I just did. If you'll find yourself using those, Þ, and Æ fairly often, you may just want to add another language to your keyboard settings. That's what I did when I was typing in Norsk fairly often, and I have it set for English and Spanish now. ALT + Shift lets me switch back and forth. It's better than remembering all the number combos for those letters, and it'll work with any keyboard since it's actually a setting in your computer.

April 10, 2008 at 11:23 AM  

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