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Sunday, May 3, 2009

God-given/ Natural Law and self defense

I was reading another blog, where the conversation drifted into talking about musicians and their "lifestyles." I personally didn't care about what the entertainers did as a "lifestyle choice" (i.e. they're lesbians, so what), even if they want to use their prestige as a platform to speak about politics; hey, that's protected by their First Amendment rights, but the next part applies to a lot of "celebrities." When they use their status and time in front of the camera to push their personal agenda against my (and everyone else's) Second Amendment right, then I have a problem. That Second Amendment codifies (meaning, writes down as law) what our Founding Fathers saw as a God-given or Natural Right of self-defense, and applied it to also protect acting for one's home and others, beyond just the walls of your own hut, to include your State. Also the Amendment spells out that the gubmint CANNOT deny this right to The People (as a whole and as individuals), and no wishing on the part of the celebrities that it was otherwise can change it! God-given/ Natural Rights exist outside of any government recognition of them, and the gubmint can either allow them or ban them, but that doesn't stop them from existing, nor does it stop the People from exercising those Rights, even under threat of punishment by their gubmint.

How this applies to the main "theme" on this blog, is that most organized churches act similarly. They almost all have some platform of beliefs that encourages peace, love, harmony, and guns are bad, m'kay? I'm not giving up my God-given right to defend myself just because they don't like the technology to do it. If nothing else, the Universe has given me this brain, and these hands, and I use them to fashion and utilize tools, to make my existence easier. The Universe has done this going back into prehistory, and we live upon the collected work of everyone who's lived before us. I don't have to invent and build the mattress, or the air conditioner, or the automobile, to make my life easy. I also don't have to invent and build a knife, spear, or firearm to harvest food, hunt, and protect myself from things out there that would harm or kill me. And yet, because some people would use these tools in a harmful way, the Organized Church would encourage their followers to take them away, label them as bad and sinful. I have a big problem with this mindset, that would moralize the certain use of tools, but leave the people using them immorally without judgment. It would be as un-natural as demonizing the cat for using her teeth and claws to protect her kittens from a threat, and it would want to declaw and defang all animals for this action.

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